About - ventikoland

Making everyone feel beautiful and empowered is the aim of Ventiko and the inspiration behind the creation of Ventikoland.

Brooklyn-based critically acclaimed photographic artist Ventiko custom designs bespoke site specific installations wherein she personally directs, poses and photographs guests creating gorgeous images and epic memories that last a lifetime.

Ventikoland takes the traditional photo booth concept and turns into a next level live photo shoot, making guests feel and look as radiant and ravishing as they truly are.

The theme of your event as inspiration for the installation which functions as the set for the live professional photo shoot.

Each element is customized for you.

Live models, custom props, event theme related outfits,  anything and everything you can imagine can be produced to help make your event unforgettable.

Photos are hosted in a private digital gallery on ventikoland.com with both social media sharing along with print purchasing options are available directly from the gallery. 

Perfect for any and every kind of gathering, celebration, life event and brand activations, nothing compares to a Ventikoland Photographic Experience. 

Part interactive installation + Part live professional photo shoot equals

 Ventikoland, THE Unique Photographic Experience 

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